Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Endorsed By Other Attorneys

Cochran & Edwards is respected by their peers and have earned endorsements from other attorneys as a result. Read some of our endorsements below.

Randy Edwards’s Attorney Endorsements

“Randy is an experienced and professional attorney who obtains the very best outcomes for his clients.” – Nicholas W., Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Jeffrey Casurella’s Attorney Endorsements

“A dedicated, top notch attorney who explains everything in detail to his clients.” – John H., Brain Injury Attorney 

“I endorse this lawyer. An extremely talented and well-respected attorney in the legal community.” – Sean C., Car Accident Attorney 

“If you want to know just how good a lawyer is, read some of his well-written and published answers to questions and see how often other lawyers have said ‘that’s right’ and agreed with him – for attorney Casurella, that’s 88% of the time and that is remarkable. See what other attorneys and his clients say and remember that, as Jeffrey says, ‘experience counts’ (and it does). All this tells you that he knows the law and cares about making sure that his clients understand it too. If you have a contract law problem of any sort, and his office is anywhere near you, I highly recommend him to you.” – Ronald B., Lemon Law Attorney