Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Things To Research Before Meeting A Truck Accident Attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2009 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents |

Every year, thousands of people suffer serious injuries in crashes that involve commercial trucks. Given the size and mass of these vehicles, the car driver tends to face huge costs, both from damage to their vehicle and for medical bills. A  truck accident attorney will know how to recover those damages in cases where the truck driver was responsible.

You should try to gather five kinds of information on the driver, the company, and the circumstances of the accident before you meet with a personal injury attorney:

1. Details about the driver and the company – name, license plate, contact information for the company, name of company, anything you learned about either driver or company
2. Details about the circumstances – time, weather, traffic conditions, police report, contact information for any witnesses
3. Medical records – bills, x-rays or other scans, future treatments, prescriptions, bills for medical devices like crutches
4. Condition of your vehicle after the accident – make and model, condition, age, estimate to repair the damage, pre-existing dents or dings, estimated replacement cost
5. Your financial details – wages, savings, employment status, insurance details, lost work time, any traffic violations

In short, learn as much as you can about the other party and the accident itself. Assemble those documents in folders. Bringing this information to your attorney will greatly speed up the process of filing a legal claim. Good records of what happened, how, and how much the episode will cost help make the case more credible to a judge. Any car accident lawyer will want the same information.

A car accident lawyer will know how to handle a truck accident case, where the rules are different from a car and car collision. Truckers are supposed to follow rules on speed and work hours that don’t always apply to automobiles. You deserve to be compensated if a commercial truck driver injures you because of careless, driver fatigue, or because their vehicle was in an unsafe condition.

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