Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Two hidden and dangerous auto accident injuries

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A car crash may leave you dazed and confused for a time. In the minutes and perhaps even hours that follow, you may not fully come to terms with the events that transpired. You may find yourself with a vehicle that does not work and not a lot of answers. 

Once the initial shock and adrenaline wear off, you may start dealing with aches and pains. While some soreness is normal, it is important to understand how crucial it is to get medical care. Explore two injuries that may not come on strong at first, but may lead to permanent impairment.

1. Spinal cord injury

The column of vertebrae in the spine helps protect the spinal cord. An accident may crack one or more vertebrae, depending on the force of the wreck. You may not feel the pain at first, but as time goes by, a crack may split, forcing bone shards into the cord. A herniated disc is another injury that you may not realize at first. If a disc is not in the proper position, it may place force on the nerves in the spinal cord. Either of these injuries may cause long-lasting problems if they lead to direct contact with the spinal cord. Some injuries to the cord may leave you partially or fully paralyzed.

2. Traumatic brain injury

The brain runs every facet of the body, and when the brain sustains damage, it affects more than just the head. You may not realize that the pounding headache or extreme exhaustion is due to a brain injury, but these are two of the most common symptoms. Even if you did not hit your head, your brain may have hit the skull, leaving it bruised and bleeding. An injured brain does not function as it should, leaving you impaired and, in some cases, suffering permanent damage. 

After an accident, your most favorable bet is to seek medical attention to diagnose any injuries that you may have lurking. 

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