Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Is a family member a good estate executor?

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Georgia residents invest time and energy into finding a good estate executor. Why? Because this person plays perhaps the most crucial role in your estate. They manage your affairs when you no longer can. This means you must trust them above almost anyone else.

For many, your thoughts may immediately turn to family members. But does a family member always make for a good estate executor?

What to look for in an executor

Forbes discusses traits to look for when choosing an estate executor. Sometimes, these traits may belong to family members. Other times, they may not. Most people turn toward family first when choosing an estate executor. But there are two different categories a good executor should excel in. The first is personal compatibility. You likely have this with a trusted relative. This means you share similar opinions, morals, and viewpoints. It means they can answer an important question, and their answer is like yours.

Professionalism vs. personal compatibility

The other category is professionalism. Your executor needs to have some level of professional skill. It helps if they have managed big projects before. They should have organizational skills. They should have a strong ability to communicate with others. It may benefit them if they have experience dealing with defusing situations. They will handle people in states of high emotional duress, after all. Not only that, but they should have time management skills. Probate is a long and complex process. It sometimes takes years. Because of that, your executor should know how to get complex tasks done over a long period of time.

Unfortunately, you may not have a relative capable of doing these things. Even if you have great compatibility, you still need someone with the professional skills.

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