Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

What are the types of product defect cases?

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Defective products are a risk to consumers, which is why there are legal repercussions for manufacturers that leave such products on the market. If you suffer harm from a defective product, you have the right to seek legal compensation because it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide you with safe products.

Cornell Law School explains there are three types of product defects that could make a manufacturer or seller of a defective product liable for any harm you suffer.

Design defects

A defect in the design of a product is a basic issue with the product. None of the products produced will be free of this type of defect. It does not matter who makes it or where productions occurs, a design defect will always be present. It affects the overall function of the product. It might work as intended, but due to the design, it is also dangerous regardless of how you use it.

Manufacturing defects

Defects in manufacturing may occur in only some of the products. This type of defect is when something happens during the assemble or construction of the product that makes it dangerous or a hazard. Usually, with this type of defect, you will not find issues with all of the same product.

Marketing defects

Marketing defects are issues that do not involve the actual product. The creator had good design plans and the manufacturer made the product correctly. The product is basically safe, but it lacks the right instructions or warnings to keep you safe. You may not use it correctly because it did not tell you how to properly use it, for example.

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