Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Is this a sign of a TBI?

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After getting into a motorcycle accident, you will need to take immediate note of any potential injuries. Of course, some of the worst injuries are not visible to the naked eye.

Among these injuries are injuries to the head, spine, back and brain. Of course, traumatic damage can cause even more problems. This is part of what makes traumatic brain injuries such a difficult thing to handle.

External and internal physical symptoms

As stated by Mayo Clinic, you should keep an eye out for potential signs of traumatic brain injury. These injuries – also known as TBIs – can affect you in different ways. The signs also differ depending on the level of physical trauma and the location of the injury itself.

First, you want to keep an eye out for physical signs, as these often show up the fastest and are most prominent. For example, disordered consciousness is an immediate red flag. This can include passing out, periodic or repeated blackouts or even comatose states. Next, look for unevenly dilated pupils or clear fluid draining from the ears or nose.

Some physical symptoms might show internally, too. For example, you may experience a piercing headache that worsens over time. You could also deal with nerve pains or numbness in the extremities.

Changes in behavior

Behavioral changes might also occur. You may lash out at others or feel unnecessarily agitated or aggressive. Confusion is also common, along with feeling overwhelmed and panicky. For some, anxiety or panic attacks might accompany this state.

Whatever the symptoms, immediate medical attention is crucial. After a motorcycle accident, it is the only way to ensure none of the injuries are life-threatening.

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