Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

What types of defects are considered in a product liability case?

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When a product you’ve brought home to your family in Georgia ends up being defective, the consequences can be serious. Defective products can cause injuries that may be mild and temporary or permanent and disabling. It’s important to know what can make a product defective and how you can take action to seek compensation for your losses.

What is product liability?

Through product liability law, if a person suffers product defect injuries from a product they have bought, they have the right to file a claim for those injuries and other damages incurred. Anything that goes on the market for sale for consumers is expected to be safe. If the product ends up causing harm, it is considered defective.

A defect may be due to negligence or carelessness. The Consumer Protection Act is in place to protect consumers in the event that they suffer product defect injuries, property damage or even death after using a flawed product.

Types of defects that may be present in products

Any component in a product or the product itself can have a specific problem or flaw that leads to it being defective. There are three types of defects that can affect products, which include the following:

Manufacturing defects: Manufacturing defects have nothing to do with the design of a product. Instead, it involves a problem with the way the product is made, which can make it dangerous for use.
Design defects: Defects in the design of a product can make a product less safe than a competitor’s product that does not have such a defect. Design defects are commonly found in products that are made using poor-quality components.
Marketing defects: If a company sells a product knowing there’s a potential risk to using it but doesn’t disclose that information to the public, the product is considered as having a marketing defect.

It can be overwhelming when you have suffered injuries after using a defective product. You might want to file a product liability lawsuit to get compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

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