Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Potential injuries from breathing machines

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Sleep apnea is a common health issue throughout Georgia and the United States. While the primary symptom of the disorder is snoring regularly while sleeping, it can be very serious when the sufferer stops breathing and oxygen is in short supply to the heart. Doctors often remedy this situation for patients by ordering a CPAP breathing device that sends constant oxygen to the patient, resulting in a long, deep sleep cycle that provides proper rest for the next day. This is indeed an improvement for their quality of life. However, the machines are not infallible; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recalled certain machines due to a defective lining causing cancer in some users.

The primary problem

The increasing number of complaints and product defect injuries has prompted the recall decision by the FDA. The agency also demanded a repair-and-replace policy be instated by the Philips Corporation, which makes the defective respiratory devices. At question is a faulty foam lining that deteriorates over a short time span and has emitted cancer-causing agents and endangered the CPAP machine users.

The legal remedy for Philips

The recall implemented by the FDA has prompted Philips to set up a $590 million trust fund to cover lawsuits and repair or replace defective CPAP units as soon as possible. This will assuredly help those who have developed cancer or suffered any other damage to their organs after inhaling the contaminated chemicals left behind by deteriorating foam linings. In addition, Philips is discussing new policy changes with the FDA going forward regarding any product defect injuries.

Georgia residents who use the Philips CPAP breathing devices for sleep apnea should be aware of the details of this recall. Additionally, they should find out how to have their unit replaced even if no legal claim is available.

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