Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Improper and excessive truck loading troubles

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

A truck could become involved in a collision for many reasons, with driver fatigue being a common one. Speeding and other reckless acts might lead to disaster on a Georgia highway. Fellow travelers on Peach State highways may worry about how a driver operates a truck, but there is something else of concern: the cargo. Improperly loaded cargo could lead to dangerous problems even the driver doesn’t know exists.

Poorly loaded cargo creates dangers

Reports exist of cargo flying off an open bed and striking other vehicles. The weight and speed of flying cargo could inflict fatalities on those it hits. Such incidents may occur when workers do not secure such flat-bed loads properly. So, commuters may understandably worry about driving behind an open-bed semi-truck.

That’s not to suggest poorly loaded and secured cargo on a closed-bed trailer won’t present dangers. If the cargo moves around due to shoddy loading, the truck could suffer problems turning or going up hills. Accidents might happen due to the loading issue.

Overloading a truck may cause similar problems. Although immense and powerful, a tractor-trailer can only handle so much weight. The massive vehicle’s specs should indicate when a load is too heavy. Yet, a trucking company may deliberately overload a car to reduce the number of trucks required to complete a delivery.

Overloading and hazards

Putting too much weight inside a semi-truck could interfere with braking performance. Due to its size and weight, a tractor-trailer or another large truck requires a significant braking distance to stop. Adding more weight to the load might further hamper the ability to stop. Truck accidents may result when the vehicle can’t stop in time.

Improper or excessive cargo loading may contribute to negligence. Any negligence that causes an accident could leave the responsible party financially liable.

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