Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Items most likely to injure young children

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If you are a parent in Georgia, you already know that children can get into anything despite your best efforts. Some products are more likely to send children under six to the hospital. Learn the most common items to injure children.

Window blinds

There have been regulations on window blinds to protect children for more than 70 years. Yet approximately 16,000 children receive injuries annually from window blinds before their seventh birthday. Some children receive lacerations from the cords while others become entangled in them. When a child becomes entangled in window blind cords severely enough to require an emergency room visit, they perish 66% of the time.

Beauty products

Approximately 4,000 children get injured annually from cosmetic products. Nail care, hair care and skin care products cause an almost equal number of injuries, with fragrances coming in slightly lower. Most of the emergency room visits from beauty products were poisonings or chemical burns.


About 16,000 children under 18 get hurt severely enough to require a trip to the emergency room by furniture. Of those accidents, tipping furniture caused about 75% of them. Almost 70% of the children receiving injuries were six years old or younger. Approximately 47% of those accidents involved an injury to the head or neck.


Children under the age of 19 experience over 1 million toy accidents annually. These accidents occur most frequently in children four years old and younger. Ride-on toys, including bicycles and skateboards, cause almost 50% of accidents. The most common body part injured is the head.

Watch children playing with these items and around them in your home, or you may end up taking them to the emergency room.

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