Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Connecting window blinds to child deaths

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Defective Products |

Manufacturers have recalled many types of window blinds that have caused children’s strangulations. Consumer agencies have declared that hanging cords are too dangerous to keep in homes. For many families in Georgia, window blinds are known to reduce the safety of children at home.

Dangers of window blinds

Window blinds contain hidden dangers for unsuspecting children since their heads and necks are small enough to become tangled in the cords. They could be strangled to death when the child or an adult accidentally pulls on the cord. In addition, children could pull hard on the blinds and have the entire set collapse and crash on their heads.

Types of injuries

Window blinds cause the most danger to young children from one to four years. The lighter weight makes it easier for their small necks to become entangled in the cords.

Preventative measures include replacing corded blinds with cordless ones. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has set official safety standards for preventing the deaths and serious injuries of children.

Many product defect injuries that involve children include choking, lacerations, broken bones and poisoning. Numerous deaths have resulted in the filing of class-action lawsuits, which entitle each plaintiff to receive compensation.

Strangulation is a known cause of death for product liability cases that affect children under the age of four. Children are at greater risk of being strangled or severely injured by the cords of window blinds. Strangulations due to product defects have led to the filing of class-action lawsuits for victims and their families. Additionally, the replacement of corded blinds with cordless ones is proven to be effective at preventing accidents.

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