Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Trucking maintenance concerns

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Truck drivers may face additional responsibilities when traveling on their Georgia routes. A moving violation could lead to a multi-car collision that leaves victims fighting for their lives. However, even a careful driver might become involved in a crash when mechanical problems arise. Therefore, truckers and their employers must keep vehicles up to date on necessary maintenance.

Trucking maintenance

An experienced truck driver likely realizes that significant braking distance is necessary to slow and stop a tractor-trailer traveling at 65 mph. However, pressing down on the brakes may not result in a timely stoppage when the various braking system components wear out. Driving a truck with bad brakes could lead to an otherwise avoidable accident.

Problems with the brakes reflect only one type of maintenance issue that might result in a collision. Issues with the truck’s steering could lead to a crash when the truck doesn’t turn or sway as intended. Also, brakes and steering systems rely on fluids to work properly. Not checking or changing these and other fluids, such as transmission and motor oil, may result in problems.

Routine checking of the tire’s air pressure, treads and overall condition is necessary. Worn tires might suffer a blowout, causing a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. Additionally, debris from the blown-out tire could hit someone or create obstructions on the road.

Maintenance and liability

Keeping current with all routine maintenance may help reduce potential trucking accidents. Employers could schedule routine inspections that cover many points on the vehicle. The driver should keep alert to any problems and have anything out of the ordinary checked.

Not properly maintaining a truck or fleet could leave the responsible parties open to negligence suits. Any resulting litigation after an accident might seek substantial compensation.

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