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March 27, 2015 | Comments (0)

Having an injury in water sports or boating caused by the negligence of someone else enables to pursue a legal action. The injured victim is entitled to the monetary compensation for the medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages. However, the victim needs a boat accident attorney who has legal acumen and experience to get the client full compensation he/she deserve. For many years, the boat accident attorneys at Zrawa Law Firm have helped the clients. Contact the boat accident attorney for the free consultation now.

Causes of Boat Accidents

Reasons that boat accident happens include:

  • Reckless and Careless Operation of the Boat: In many cases, the boat is operated carelessly by the boat captain that led to the water and boating accidents. This include things like allowing the passengers to sit on the boat in unsuitable places while the boat is moving, jumping a wake in surroundings of the other boat, splashing the other boats, violating the rules of low wake, failing to see the other watercraft in surroundings, failing to keep a safe distance from the other water vessels or boats, inattention of boat operator, overloaded boat an many more.
  • Excessive Speed: It is necessary that all watercraft must maintain the safe speed. Because of over speed the boat operator may lose control and boat can crash easily. Safe boat speed make sure that the boaters are able to see the other boaters, swimmers, hazards, and objects in the water.
  • Alcohol Use: Same laws are applicable on the watercraft and boat operators as the drivers of other automobiles. Drivers with impaired or having blood alcohol concentration (BAC) more than 0.08 cannot operate the boat. Operating the watercraft under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled material is the violation of the law and put the lives of fellow boaters and passengers at risk.
  • Inexperienced Boat Operator: Often the boat operator may not have experience or skill needed to drive the boat properly and this can lead to the boat crash, swimming accident, tubing accident, and water-skiing accident. It is very important to know about the experience level of the boat captain as much as possible before boarding on the boat or participating in the water activities on the boat. Boat captains must know the rules and regulations regarding boating and there are several boating classes that are offered to the boat operators.
  • Bad Weather: All watersports enthusiast and boaters must check the safety equipment of the passengers and should listen to the forecast, and have the float plan that describes when and where the passengers will be boating while keeping in mind that high-speed winds can make the water very treacherous.

Tips for Avoiding the Boat Accidents

Before boarding on the boat o going on water these tips should be kept in mind.

  • Although many equate fishing or boating with liquor, this may lead to face the serious trouble with the law.
  • If the rough weather comes in the way, plan the boat trip for some other day.
  • Before boarding on a boat every passenger should have the floating devices.
  • Take the course on the boating safety.
  • Before heading out make sure to check the boat from bow to stern.
  • Keep the fire extinguisher on a boat.

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