Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Providing Real Solutions To Contract Disputes

Contracts serve as the basis of business transactions. When a party fails to meet contractual responsibilities, it can put a business at risk for litigation. If you need to bring forth a breach of contract suit or defend your business against legal action, Cochran & Edwards can help. We recognize the time-sensitive nature of these issues and strive to find efficient solutions so you can get back to business as usual.

Business-To-Business Negotiations And Litigation

Often, the fulfillment of a contract is crucial to organizational success and can hamper success if not enforced. Our trial attorneys have significant business-to-business litigation experience and will aggressively fight for your best interests in court or during negotiations.

We routinely handle high-stakes breach of contract disputes related to:

Dispute Prevention

It is not uncommon for parties to have different interpretations of their respective contractual obligations. Carefully drafted contracts can go a long way toward preventing a dispute with vendors, partners, employees and others. A well-written contract outlines the scope of business and each party’s contractual obligations, eliminating any ambiguity and potential misinterpretation. It should also lay out provisions for how to handle a breach of contract or a dispute. Our lawyers can help you draft, review or enforce a contract for various business-related matters.

Ready To Support You

Whether you need to initiate legal action or defend yourself or your business against a claim, our firm can help. To discuss your contract dispute with one of our attorneys, arrange a no-cost strategy session at our Smyrna location. Schedule yours by calling 770-637-5470, or reach the firm online. We represent individuals and businesses throughout the Atlanta area.