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Class Action Litigation

A “class action” is a lawsuit brought on behalf of an entire group of people who have been harmed in a similar way by the same person or company. Class actions may involve a few dozen people in a community or can be brought on a nationwide basis. A class action is one of the most powerful tools citizens, consumers or employees have to level the playing field with large corporations. Special rules apply to class actions and require lawyers with experience in the field.

For over 20 years, we have achieved outstanding results for our clients involved in all phases of class action litigation over a broad spectrum of industries such as:

  • Banking and Lending Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Telecommunication Industry
  • Cable Companies

And we have litigated many different complex issues in both Federal and State Courts in many different States, including

  • ERISA Laws
  • Federal Banking Laws
  • Federal Discrimination Laws
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Federal Arbitration Act
  • Breach of Contract issues
  • Federal and State RICO claims
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