Law Firm of Cochran & Edwards

Client Testimonials

“Cochran & Edwards provides an unrivaled combination of expertise, capability, and value. I have invariably been impressed with the results they produce and their cordial approach to client interaction.”

Blake S.

“My employer hired Jeffrey to handle a number of issues that had been handled poorly when the company was formed. Jeffrey corrected the errors, handled the problems that arose out of them, and set the company back on it’s proper course (in spite of the owner). When the company later closed Jeffrey was able to offer sound advice on the dissolution of the company.”


“I was sued in a lawsuit, but the lawsuit was really against the company that I had worked for and not me. I had already taken a job at another company when the lawsuit came down and my former company didn’t want to pay a lawyer to represent me. I hired Jeff to get me out of the lawsuit. He did! And pretty quickly!!! Jeff was way on top of the situation. He was responsive to me and tough on the company that was suing. He was a little pricey (but in the overall, not too bad), but I figured that I would not be penny wise and pound foolish. He didn’t waste time and he was very efficient. Highly recommend.”

A Satisfied Client

“I believe the average person does not think they’ll need legal representation, but when it does occur that you do need it can be a daunting pursuit. The legal firm of Cochran & Edwards made it as easy as possible. They reviewed my case thoroughly and then advised me on the pros and cons as we proceeded with the case. I was constantly kept updated by not just my lawyers, but their staff as well.

They handled my case with a high level of professional tenaciousness. There sincere thoughtfulness in guiding me through those trying times was truly a boon. Even at the closure they took the time to go over all aspects of the case and insured I understood everything. I can’t stress enough if you are looking for a professional, team for legal representation look no further than Cochran & Edwards.”

Boyce B.