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Surveillance Cameras On Cruise Ships

March 20, 2009 | Comments (0)

Security is extremely important on cruise ships, especially since many of them contain more than 3,000 guests at any given time. The presence of security cameras is essential in any of these moving hotels because they have a wide variety of different activities that can be done aboard that can potentially pose a risk to any passenger such as discos, casinos, pools, and more. The benefits of surveillance in a cruise ship are the following:

Being able to prevent crimes: The presence of cameras can stop a criminal from wanting to commit a crime. Just the idea that they are being watched stirs them away. Also, once a crime as occurred, these cameras can prove useful in prosecution.

Tracing of missing persons: When a person goes missing on a cruise ship, cameras can help discover the last trace of that person.

Determining liability in an accident: When accidents occur on a vessel, the footage of a camera can show exactly how that accident occurred and can give a clear idea as to who is liable for the damages.

Cruise Ship Monitoring

Surveillance cameras are not only essential after a crime or accident, but can serve as a deterrent for future crimes and deaths. Surveillance aboard a cruise ship does not have set standards. There are no regulations or rules as to where there should be monitoring and how often should the monitoring be done or if something suspicious comes up what should be done.

In 2015 a man named Franck Flippo went on a cruise ship with his wife. They had been swimming in the pool and consuming alcohol. The wife went to bed for the night as Frank continued to be served alcohol by the bartenders to the point of being disoriented and causing him to slip and fall overboard. By the time the cruise line initiated a search, he was already gone.

Tamblyn, et al. v Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD.

Frank’s estate filed a lawsuit against the cruise line stating how had the cruise line been monitoring and maintaining the security cameras, someone could have spotted Frank as he was stumbling all over the place and his death could have otherwise been prevented. The dismissal of the claim was brought my Royal Caribbean on a summary judgment.

The court decided that the case would not be dismissed through summary judgment because they wanted to see whether a duty of monitoring the cameras was owed to the plaintiff. It would be a subject that would be addressed later and can affect the outcome of future cruise ship accidents.

Florida Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

Every cruise line has a duty to take care of their passengers and provide reasonable care. Enduring an injury from a cruise line can result in a great sum of compensation for the damages received. Expert Miami cruise ship accident attorneys at Percy Martinez Law firm know the ropes around cruise ship lines. They have dealt with countless of injured passengers from cruise ships and have been determined to combat cruise line tactics. Anyone who seeks their assistance is always reassured with confidence that they will fight for their rights.

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