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Whether you are potential client looking to hire a lawyer, or a lawyer needing to refer a client to a trial lawyer for a case, the question is the same: Why choose Cochran & Edwards for your case?

We can and will try your case if necessary.

Having practiced at and against many major law firms over the years, it is shocking how many partners at major law firms have never stood up in court and said “ladies and gentlemen of the jury….” We have. Perhaps the single most important question to ask is “Will you be the lawyer that tries my case if we go to trial?” If the answer is “no”, you are talking to the wrong lawyer. We are competitors and we love going to court. And while we will pursue all settlement options, we prepare all cases from day one as if it will go to trial. We prefer alternative fee arrangements where some or all of our fees are contingent on the results we achieve rather than the amount of time we spend. This includes negative contingencies for primarily defensive matters. That way, our interests are aligned with yours and we don’t waste our time and your money with needless discovery or pre-trial motions.

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Wins $12.5 Million
Jury Verdict

After an almost month-long trial in Douglas County State Court, a jury returned a verdict for $12.5 million against Suzuki Motor Corporation and its US based subsidiary, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc...


"Cochran & Edwards provides an unrivaled combination of expertise, capability, and value. I have invariably been impressed with the results they produce and their cordial approach to client interaction."

Blake S.

“My employer hired Jeffrey to handle a number of issues that had been handled poorly when the company was formed. Jeffrey corrected the errors, handled the problems that arose out of them, and set...”


“I believe the average person does not think they’ll need legal representation, but when it does occur that you do need it can be a daunting pursuit. The legal firm of Cochran & Edwards made it as easy as possible...”

Boyce B.
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