Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Helping Victims Of Truck Crashes Recover Damages

Unlike most car crashes where the vehicles are similar in size, trucks or large commercial vehicles dwarf most passenger cars. This disparity in size and weight puts the smaller vehicle at a significant disadvantage in a collision. If you were the victim of a truck accident, the attorneys at Cochran & Edwards can help you obtain a financial recovery.

Heavy, Fast And Dangerous

Even when unloaded, semi trucks and hauling vehicles substantially outweigh many other vehicles on the road. Immense momentum and the size difference cause the much larger trucks to demolish nearly everything in their path in a collision or if the driver loses control.

We handle truck accidents stemming from:

  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Driver error or inexperience
  • Poor road conditions
  • Vehicle system malfunctions
  • Shifting cargo
  • Driver fatigue

Life-Changing Injuries

When struck by a commercial vehicle, the driver and any passengers in the other vehicle often suffer severe injuries or death. Traumatic injuries from a truck accident typically require extensive treatment and ongoing care. The victim may no longer be able to work or attend to their daily needs without help. Securing maximum compensation ensures you or your loved one has access to continuous care without placing an unnecessary financial strain on your household.

Difficult Opponents

Because accident-related costs are so high, trucking companies and their insurers will fiercely fight an accident claim to avoid or minimize the payout of legitimate claims. They will likely have an aggressive legal team ready to protect their assets. To counter this avoidance tactic and the pointing of fingers in other directions, you need an advocate capable of fighting back. As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to build a strong case against liable parties, including trucking company insurers, and successfully argue your position.

The Liability Proof Challenge In Many Trucking Accident Cases

Many people – including some personal injury attorneys – assume that truck accident claims will be slam-dunk cases because of the availability of large insurance policies required for the operation of commercial vehicles. In fact, however, trucking company insurers are often ready to dig in their heels to avoid paying claims. One of their favorite tactics is to shift blame to other potential negligent parties, such as:

  • The driver (who they may wrongly claim was an independent contractor, not their employee)
  • The truck manufacturer (which they may claim should be on the hook for product liability)
  • A government entity (which they may claim did not provide proper signage or road upkeep)
  • A shipping company (which they may claim loaded cargo in an imbalanced or insecure manner)
  • A truck mechanic (whom they may blame for faulty maintenance or inspection)

So, although there may be many pots of money to draw from, each liable party will likely stand guard with lawyers and other gatekeepers, making a trucking accident case tedious and complicated.

At Cochran & Edwards, our attorneys are experienced and skillful at pushing through defense blockades that stand in the way of our injured clients’ needs and the compensation they deserve. For example, we may prove that a trucker was, indeed, an employee of the dispatching company, and not just a contractor. We have succeeded time and again with creativity and persistence.

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