Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Helping Businesses Protect And Exploit Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is among a business’s most valuable assets. But in today’s market, increased competition and employee mobility make it harder to protect. Cochran & Edwards can help you identify potential weaknesses and take steps to protect and monetize your intellectual property. With backgrounds in business law and significant trial experience, our attorneys are well-equipped to create an intellectual property strategy for your modern business environment.

Comprehensive Strategies

To combat misappropriation and infringement, businesses can take advantage of several intellectual property methods. We help business utilize:

  • Trade secrets: You can protect proprietary information or process with trade secret protections. These can include nondisclosure agreements and other protocols to prevent misappropriation. If an employee or vendor violates an agreement, we can help you enforce contractual obligations.
  • Trademark and trade dress protections: Your brand communicates who you are to the marketplace and is essential to brand loyalty. If someone attempts to infringe upon your good reputation or product identifiers, we can help you hold them accountable.
  • Copyrights: You can protect your creative works, including marketing campaigns, software and other authored content by registering for a copyright.

If you wish to monetize your intellectual property, we can help you create licensing agreements for additional revenue or easier entry into new markets.

Taking The Fight To The Negotiation Table And Beyond

Many intellectual property disputes settle out of court, but if your case progresses to litigation, we are ready to fight. Our trial lawyers have substantial litigation experience in a number of jurisdictions. We can help you address issues related to infringement, unfair competition, rebranding and advertising. We will find prompt solutions to stop misuse and minimize exposure. Whether you need to defend or initiate an infringement claim, we will align our litigation strategy to your business goals.

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