Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Construction Site Injury

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Injuries can occur in every profession, but unfortunately, the prevalence of injuries increases significantly in the construction industry. The reason why that happens is that the nature of the work is dangerous. Just like employees of other fields who get injured at their jobs, wounded construction workers can also attain compensation coverage until they recover.

Several hardworking men and women work in reputable and important construction industries throughout the state. Starting from residential projects to civil engineers, masons, carpenters, electricians, contractors and tons of other men and women, they all work on a daily basis with full dedication. While it is a way of earning bread and butter for many, it is considered to be the most hazardous job compared to every other profession.

Despite the dangerous nature of construction industries, the workers can easily get compensations if they suffer an injury because of their job.

Common Types of Construction Site Injuries

The most common injuries that construction workers might suffer from are heat strokes, lacerations and tears, falls, fractures from falling objects and muscular damage that can be due to repetitive and monotonous motion in the same manner or by the handling of a jackhammer. Dust and inhalation of hazardous chemicals that are used in factories can be a major cause of respiratory diseases among a lot of construction workers. In extreme cases, a collapse may inure trapped workers, which is not very rare.


According to the department of labor, most of the workers were killed during their jobs because of these atrocious accidents such as electrocution, falling objects, or being crushed under a vehicle or large machine. There are no specified statistics when it comes to construction site injuries, but a lot of construction site workers are injured every year because of the factory hazards.

Options for Recovery for Injured Workers

A construction worker can claim for compensation if he or she ever gets injured, which is a type of insurance for the employers. The benefits that workers compensations offers is that the employees can easily obtain their health insurance till the time they recover completely, which prevents them from delaying other bills such as mortgages, rents, etc. the fact that should be noted here is that each worker is eligible to get the compensation when they are injured even if the injury was caused by their carelessness and lack of precautions. Another thing that should be noted is that the compensation benefits are usually capped and decreased with time as the worker recovers and starts going back to work again. If an injured employer claims to be working in an unsafe work environment, he or she can file a lawsuit instead of applying for compensation.

How does an Attorney help?

An attorney can guide you regarding the right to a safe workplace for a construction site worker. In several cases, a lawsuit can be a lot more sensible and an attorney will be able to explain to you the pros and cons of the compensation claims and workers better. That will help you decide best.

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