Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Finding the main causes of trucking accidents

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Truck accidents are mainly caused by driver errors that vary from lack of performance to overperformance. The other main causes are mechanical failures, minimal safety training and a lack of company responsibility. There are several considerations to make in order to identify and reduce the risks of trucking accidents in Georgia.

Errors caused by drivers

Truck drivers who drive recklessly contribute to tens of thousands of truck accidents every year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The four types of driver errors include nonperformance, lack of attention, poor decisions and overperformance. Nearly half of vehicular crashes are linked to speeding. Truck drivers who speed too fast often do not have enough to brake and avoid causing a rear-end collision. Drivers who fall asleep suddenly can be speeding as their vehicles run off the road and crash into a pole or fence.

Vehicular failure

Regular drivers have to visit the mechanic and maintain their vehicles at least several times a year. Commercial trucks that are driven several thousand miles a month have to be maintained at least once a week. A one-time failure of a truck’s brakes can cause a rear-end collision that totals a smaller car and causes severe, life-threatening injuries to its driver. Although it seems like a mechanical failure is not the driver’s fault, it is because it’s his or her responsibility to maintain the vehicle.

Lack of awareness

Every trucking company is responsible for reducing truck accident rates and minimizing personal injury. The supervisors have to monitor details such as employee work shifts, driving routes, deadlines and miles driven. They have to watch out for signs that could lead to an accident, such as extended routes and long work shifts. The trucking company has to keep its drivers safe by identifying the risk factors that lead to driver fatigue and safe.

Knowledge is prevention

A single truck accident involving another vehicle may cost over $100,000. If two or more drivers or passengers are injured, the costs increase. Individuals and businesses that are working with budgets cannot afford to experience problems. Identifying the most common causes of trucking accidents is important.

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