Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Preparation Is Critical To Your Case

Solutions for the issues of defective medical devices

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Medical devices that don’t work properly are particularly dangerous to sick or dying patients. Long-term use often leads to serious, sudden injuries or diseases that develop for months or years over time. There are numerous options for people who have used dangerous medical devices and equipment in Georgia.

Recalls, returns or replacements

Every unsatisfied customer has the option to return or exchange a defective product. In rare cases, a product refund is insufficient if it results in hospitalization or death. Product defect injuries vary from cuts, bruises and burns to broken bones and organ dysfunction.

Product liability cases

Regardless of the injury, a customer can file a lawsuit for compensatory and punitive damages against the manufacturer. The most common types of defective medical devices are bedrails that break down and cause bedridden patients to fall to the floor. Other devices are inserted into the patient’s body and create medical complications. An example is the hernia repair mesh that has caused pain, infection and discomfort in thousands of users.

Plaintiffs may be able to join forces with other victims and file class-action litigation. Every year, there are nationwide recalls that affect millions of people who have used the same products. Each person can receive a settlement that covers the costs of medical bills and lost wages.

Defective medical devices and equipment are used in hospitals, clinics and rehab centers and may cause minor to severe injuries. Filing a product liability claim is one of the most effective solutions to compensate for a preventable injury or medical complication. Many defective products affect large numbers of people and give them the option to file class-action lawsuits.

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